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Mine bitcoin in Microsoft Excel for fun and education, just don't quit your day job

Blazingly slow at 1 hash per second 🤣 depending on how fast you can push the F9 key

Enter your own compressed public key hash (P2PKH) for the block reward, or use's private key example spreadsheet to generate a new key

16MB, no macros or array formulas and completely transparent.  Download the F9miner spreadsheet with peace-of-mind; you may want a bitcoin node, too

F9miner spreadsheet is set up for you to submit your results if you are ridiculously lucky—100% of bitcoin's block reward is yours, no middleman

Should you find a successful block, you will need a bitcoin node to submit and claim the reward.  Download a bitcoin node for free at

No time to create your own bitcoin P2PKH address?  Use the spreadsheet's default address and claim your payout via a telegram chat message

Bitcoin mining is ultra-competitive.  Mining in Excel is educational, so mine for fun and learning, and who might get lucky

Learn bitcoin and join the (r)evolution

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