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A measure that sets heaven in all their veins
And iron in their hands

                                                                 — "The March of Glory" bitcoin private key is designed for self-custody

Generate an offline, private and secure key for your bitcoin

256-bit entropy in a physical physical state

private key

Whether you are new to bitcoin or a veteran HODLer, the start of your bitcoin journey is a private key.  A private key is the seed for all transactions of your bitcoin.  Keeping your private key information private is critical to protect and store your wealth

There is a place for other offline wallets, however tech-based hardware wallets by design have a barrier to transparency, and stamped metal plates rely on access to technology to create private keys.  Our key fills the gap for those who want both privacy without complexity—this key does not rely on technology to create the private key seed and is transparent to anyone

Put simply, this is just a key, composed of a key body, 256 bits and a cap, and you make it yourself


random assembly is the key

When randomly assembled this private key represents a bitcoin private key secret number.  The bits' arrangement represent a 256-bit unsigned integer, the maximum value that can be represented in a 256-bit data. It is equal to 2^256 - 1, or approximately 1.16 x 10^77, equivalent to a random number between zero and slightly less than 157 quattuordecillion  (is that even a word?) possible key combinations

This is the secret "combination lock" to access your bitcoin, like any electronically generated bitcoin private key

Once validated to be within the possible set of bitcoin keys the owner can use this key to generate public keys, addresses and sign transactions


entropy becomes a key

Getting started and creating a bitcoin key becomes extremely simple, the most important aspect is to ensure you do so with a random outcome that cannot be replicated.  Assembling the key's bits into the eight slots randomly, whether directly (blind assembly) or externally (random coin-flipping to determine a bit direction) creates entropy to ensure randomness and your security.  Following or creating a pattern will put your bitcoin at risk for loss.  With correct randomness, the key is designed to be kept for generations

Like any private key, safekeep your wealth with backups


about us

first, you build your privacy from the ground up, then you use it whenever and wherever you wish. and come together to present the bitcoin private key.  Your independence and privacy is what we stand for.  A private key can be used in many ways in today's world, and represents a fundamental part and process of one of the most important aspects of arguably the most important event since the discovery of money—bitcoin

today and on the horizon

At we work toward developing next generation accessible privacy devices.  On the horizon are equipment such as private key "locks" for signing and address generation mechanisms.  Additionally, future private keys will have new designs, materials, colors and sizes to choose from

From May 15th, 2024 we will be taking pre-orders for an initial run of 100 stainless steel bitcoin private key sets and a limited edition run of 10 titanium key sets, targeting shipment by August 2024.  Design may vary from website images as we perfect the form

Pre-orders to open soon.  Please monitor our webpage and shop for availability

For other questions you can reach us at the Contact page

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